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It is with immense satisfaction that we welcome visitors to our institutional website. Consolidated as leaders in innovation in the manufacturing of machines for flexible packaging and roll garbage bags, we have accumulated over 35 years of experience in this segment. Our factory, located in Agudos, São Paulo, occupies an area of ​​5,000 m², where we develop and deliver over 1,000 machines to the country's leading packaging manufacturers. Additionally, our spare parts store is located in the capital of São Paulo, facilitating the shipment of spare parts worldwide.

In 2019, we launched our spare parts e-commerce, providing greater convenience and agility to our customers. Furthermore, we have achieved self-sustainability through renewable energy, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

In 2022, we further expanded our portfolio with the introduction of Flexographic Printers, another milestone in our journey of innovation and excellence. At G4 Máquinas, we are constantly seeking new technologies and production processes that allow us to offer increasingly efficient and high-quality machines.

We invite you to be part of this journey of excellence and reliability, where innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction are paramount. Welcome to G4 Máquinas, where quality and technology come together to drive your success.


Can be configured with several optional resources for the manufacturing of several types of packaging.


Our post-sales service is considered the best in the market, offering technical assistance with ready supply and quality.


Every line of machines and equipment can be acquired through the facilitations for financing on BNDES.

Equipment and Accessories

Intending to increase the productivity of your equipment. We have created equipment for the best performance and productivity


Accessory used for simultaneously cutting and soldering the film, separating the plastic film coil into several lanes.

Seamless Embosser [&] Lane-type Embosser

Developed to grant an appearance of micro points (micro holes) on the bag.

Double Triangle Uncoiler with Strain Controller

Accessory used on machines for cutting and soldering G4 to bend the material into 2, 3 or 4 parts for packaging of the type “star bottom”.

Spare Parts

Great stock for machines of cutting and soldering, in addition to offering specialized services with qualified professionals that are always updated.

G4 iFlex-C 800/1000/1200

iFlex-C Flexographic Printer Model, available in widths of 800/1000/1200, configurable with 4, 6, and 8 colors. Robust machine with cast iron structure and equipped with high-quality construction technology, 80mm thickness. Its printing unit features a modern electronic advance/reverse system with automatic backing off. Anilox and sleeve devices moved through linear guides and spherical spindles. Sleeve holder with On Board sleeve change system executed within the machine and Zero Clearance system, integrated PLC with HMI equipped with a 10" color touchscreen. Mounted in a cabinet with an ergonomic control panel, with the main control functions activated on the screen and easy operation. For adjustment and operation near the printing unit, iFlex-C has 02 7" color touchscreen HMIs.


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