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We are located in Agudos, countryside of São Paulo, in our own headquarters, specialized in the manufacturing of machines for plastic bags and plastic sacks in general, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, keeping and creating more than 550 medium and heavy-duty machines, we supply to the main manufacturers of packaging in the country, Boy Service Máquinas has begun in 2001 when two forces combined to offer quality technical assistance and retrofitting service in cutting and soldering machines, always aware about the market’s evolution and prioritizing quality and dynamism; and in 2009 released its first machine upon the request of client Plástico Fabia. Ever since, the focus of the company has started to change, and then in 2011, another two forces with an experience of more than 25 years in the segment and focus on Creativity and Management of Projects united with G4 Máquinas being formed, extracting a fantastic Synergy. Now, in 2019 we launched our e-commerce of spare parts, where we became the 1st company in the country to have a virtual store for the plastic sector, the first company to openly show the price of our products and we are also the 1st industry of the country of cutting/welding to become 100% self-sustaining in photovoltaic renewable energy, which shows how much we care about the environment.


Can be configured with several optional resources for the manufacturing of several types of packaging.


Our post-sales service is considered the best in the market, offering technical assistance with ready supply and quality.


Every line of machines and equipment can be acquired through the facilitations for financing on BNDES.

Equipment and Accessories

Intending to increase the productivity of your equipment. We have created equipment for the best performance and productivity


Accessory used for simultaneously cutting and soldering the film, separating the plastic film coil into several lanes.

Seamless Embosser & Lane-type Embosser

Developed to grant an appearance of micro points (micro holes) on the bag.

Double Triangle Uncoiler with Strain Controller

Accessory used on machines for cutting and soldering G4 to bend the material into 2, 3 or 4 parts for packaging of the type “star bottom”.

Spare Parts

Great stock for machines of cutting and soldering, in addition to offering specialized services with qualified professionals that are always updated.


The newest technology in bag making machines with trapezoidal form (conical) for flowers and greenery with or without printing, controlled by PLC and servomotor, triggering of the main heads by motor SEW and IHM colored touch screen. The TR 700, besides other accessories, has as an optional resource the installation of superior and inferior heads to make block bottom welded packaging, becoming a very versatile machine with high efficiency.


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